Log Cabin Village, A Living History Museum in Fort Worth, TX

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Drying shed in Herb Garden


The Herb Garden is a partnership between Log Cabin Village and the Greater Fort Worth Herb Society (GFWHS). GFWHS members and Village staff research and cultivate herbs that would have thrived between the years 1840 to 1890 in Texas. The herbs are either native to the area or typical of those the settlers would have brought to Texas, or had access to through trade and purchase. The signs that mark the herb beds contain the common American name of the herb as well as the botanical name, allowing visitors from other countries to recognize them.

Portions of the Log Cabin Village Herb Garden are maintained by members of the Greater Fort Worth Herb Society who work voluntarily in the garden on the second Saturday of each month. For more information about the Herb Garden or if you would like to volunteer to work in the Herb Garden, please visit their web site www.gfwhs.org.