Log Cabin Village, A Living History Museum in Fort Worth, TX

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Built: 1980s
Location: Log Cabin Village

Blacksmith Shop in the distance with class touring
Fire for Blacksmith

This blacksmith shop, or “smithy,” with its cast-iron forge, anvil, hand-cranked blower, and various tools represents a general blacksmith shop of the late 1870s. Our skilled Log Cabin Village blacksmiths create various iron objects that would have been utilized on the Texas frontier. Some of these items are for sale in our general store.


In 19th century Texas, blacksmithing was a very important craft. Blacksmiths made iron and steel objects necessary for cutting timber, building houses, farming, hunting, cooking, transportation, and many other uses. Specialist ironsmiths included wheelwrights, who made and repaired wagon wheels; locksmiths; gunsmiths; and farriers, who specialized in horseshoes.