Log Cabin Village, A Living History Museum in Fort Worth, TX
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In addition to our two-footed human historical interpreters, we have three famous feline workers on staff: Izzy, Taffy, and Yellow Cat. To see more of their exploits, follow them on Facebook. Cats have been a part of Log Cabin Village throughout its entire history. Not only do they serve as historically accurate “pest control,” they greet and delight visitors and add to the site’s authenticity. Although our cats have had varied and sometimes auspicious beginnings, they are now our well-loved pets.


Cat named Izzy

Izzy is the part Abyssinian tabby who, although a little skittish, loves affection and a good scratch behind the ears. She can usually be found chasing Taffy or Yellow Cat (or leaves) or relaxing for a nap. Izzy began her tenure at the Village as a very young kitten. Presumably abandoned, she was no more than four weeks old when the staff heard her meows coming from behind the Seela Cabin. Bribing her with food, she finally came out and has been a Village cat ever since. Izzy was originally named Isaac after our Village Isaacs - Parker and Seela. Upon her trip to the vet to be neutered, it was discovered that she instead needed to be spayed...and Izzy was born.

Cat named TaffyTaffy, the self-appointed leader of the cat staff, is truly a buff-colored princess. She rules her counterparts with a coy swish of the tail and a swat with the paw when necessary. She is definitely the sassiest of the bunch. Taffy’s beginnings were indeed unfortunate. Two Village staff members found her in a nearby site when she was just a few days old and in true misery. Apparently the runt of the litter, she was alone and blind - her eyes matted shut with debris. She had an extreme eye and respiratory infection. However, veterinary care and the attentive and loving souls at the Village miraculously nursed her to health. Although for the first year or her life she remained prone to colds, she has since then blossomed into the healthy and feisty princess of today!

And, this is Yellow Cat, a light yellow tabby with white paws and belly. He is extremely shy, so you may not see him at all. Although very sweet, loveable and craving affection, his life prior to Village days has left him fearing strangers. His rather uncreative name comes from habit rather than a desire to be clever. Already an adult cat, he showed up at the Village one day a few years ago as a stray. Not knowing whether he would stick around, we referred to him as “that yellow cat.” Eventually this became “Yellow Cat.” By the time we realized he was here to stay, the name had already stuck.

Cat named PepperWe would be remiss if we didn’t mention our most well-known feline staff member, Pepper. Pepper lived at the Village for well over twenty years before her passing in 2005. Visitors recognized her as the fixture she truly was, and upon glancing at pictures taken at the Village during her lifetime, she appears in many of them. – even if just as a black and white dot in the background! To honor and remember Pepper’s extensive years of service, she is now featured on our exhibit text panels and here on the web site as our mascot. Whenever you see “Pepper’s Place,” you know that fun is in store!